This beautiful tallit is all silk--mainly dupioni.  It was created in Spring, 2000 for a lady in North central New Jersey.  It is 90 inches long by 27" wide(plus the fringes at the ends).  This pictures were taken before the tzitziyot were tied.   She is very tall.  Her favourite colours are in the pink/violet family and they were used exclusively on a winter white body for the tallit. 
The Atarah is a fuscia shantung with a tiny border of several shades of pink dupioni silk.  The Hebrew lettering is the first two lines from "Eli, Eli".  The Hebrew is embroidered in cotton threads in three tones of pink ranging in colour values from very light pink through to medium purple shades and back again.  The vertical stripes are bordered with two complimentary shades of pink.
Below the atarah, across the back of the tallit a Magen David is hand embroidered in pale pink.
Over the Magen David the Hebrew, "MORAH TOVAH". is machine appliqueed in various shades of pink/violet  The wearer is a teacher whose Hebrew name is TOVAH.  Below the Hebrew name is machine/hand appliqueed pomegranate.  The Pomegranate has 613 seeds which are represented by approximately 613 French knots in various shades of pink and purple. 
The decorative fringes at the ends are made of rayon threads.  'There are 18 threads making up each thread,representing "life".
This tallit was the culmination of months of discussion and sharing of "feelings" so that TOVAH 's tallit fully expressed her feelings and love.  There is a tallit bag and kippah which coordinate with the tallit.
The tzitziyot were added and tied by TOVAH, so are not included in these photos which were taken before the TALLIT SET was  mailed to the wearer.  The decorative fringes at both ends are rayon threads in the colours of the pink stripes.  Each fringe has 18 threads to represent CHAI. 
These pictures do not accurately display the stripes are actually 1/2" wide each in the varying shades of pinks to purples.  The detail of the applique and embroidery does not fully display in these pictures.
The tallit bag on the right, accompanying Tova's tallit has her name embroidered in cotton on violet silk.  There is a crazyquilted frame around her name.  18 "Pearls of Wisdom" are embroidered into her name.  The crazyquilt fabric used is from the Tallit, plus some other silks which are in my collection.  The tallit bag has a piping of violet silk.  A zipper closing, in the middle of the back of the bag secures it.
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
"Handmade means it comes from the Heartt
The very special tallit ABOVE was custom designed for a person in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Request was for a tallit with the fronts having the Ten Sefirot  ('Ten Attributes of G-d') arranged according to the Kabbalah teachings.  One side has the 10 Sefirot and the other side has the Hebrew names of the 10 matriarchs having those Attributes. 
The watercolour quilted back is divided into four sections:  ASSYAH, BERIAH, YETSIRAH and ATSILUT.
The colours of the embroidery came from Steven Fisdel's book, THE PRACTICE OF KABBALAH, which takes it from Sefer Yetzirah.
The rear of the shawl-shaped tallit is a custom-designed watercolour quilt with the colour values ranging from dark at the bottom to light at the top with shades of yellow at the top representing the warmth of the sun. 
The four reinforcement corners have the Hebrew names of the wearer's four children. One corner has the name of the grandchild embroidered onto the same corner as the name of his father.  On the underside, is the Hebrew names of the wearer's spouse and parents, as well.
The tallit bag has a Pomegranate with approximately 613 French knots embroidered, representing the seeds, according to Jewish tradition.  There is a Bukharan Kippah accompanying this tallit.

The Tallit was created of top quality 100% quilters' cotton.  The body of the fronts of the tallit is a hand-dyed royal purple.  The fabric chosen for the circles of the Attributes is a hand-dyed violet cotton which contrasts well with the background.  The lines joining the names of the 'Attributes' are self-bias and are macine appliqueed.  The circles representing each 'Attribute' have been hand-embroidered with cotton thread.  Each of the twenty circles was hand-appliqueed in place. 
The atarah is hand embroidered in a Ben Shahn Hebrew font.
The tzitziyot have the blue thread wrapped around the white threads... the techellet.
The shawl-type rear is an original watercolour (watercolor) quilt design using over 400 different floral cotton fabrics cut into over 1,500 squares, arranged in an original design especially created to give the effect you see.  The darkness is at the bottom and graually lightens as it rises up to the sky and the warmth of the sun.
The rear of the Tallit is lined with a fine cotton in a variety of yellow/gold tones.
The details of the design were discussed, at great length, with the future owner of the garment so that the owner's thoughts and feelings could be interpreted as accurately as possible.
Watercolour quilting is very time-consuming and uses a vast quantity of different fabrics.  

Shawl-shaped tallitot are very comfortable to wear, stay on the wearer's shoulders without slipping, and have four right-angled corners according to tradition.  The shawl-shaped tallitot can be created for male or female worshippers.

Created in 2001/5761

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BELOW:  The tallit and tallit bag were created for a young woman in New England, who loves the water.  In her teen days, she was a Waterfront director at a summer camp in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) and in Muskoka,(Ontario).  As an adult, she taught swimming at a Rec Centre in Boston.  While living in New England, there were regular trips to swim in the Atlantic, Whale watching, etc.  The atarah is a line from a prayer praising Hashem from her siddur.  The body is dupioni silk created from the train of her wedding gown.  Some of the fabric is silk from an outfit given to her by her husband when they were first married.  The silk jaguard was new fabric purchased.  Metallic embroidery thread was used along with cotton thread for the embroidery.

Tallit based on Kabbalah

Tallit based on Kaballah Kabalah Kabala Caballah cabalah cabala
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